Joy Luck Club tied into the American Dream

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The American dream represents the diverse aspects of the millions of people in our homeland, the U.S.A. Being different for every individual person, the dream has no way of really being categorized or labeled under a single thought or idea. The people of America choose their dream and specify it to their needs and wants of their character and soul upon a single whim if need be. The broad spectrum of mindsets about this passion, provide the pure evidence of how no single person is alike entirely in our world today. Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club addresses this fact head on, with the morals and life stories offered up by a group of eight women, four mothers and four daughters, who bring themselves together by the Chinese game of mah jong. The stories of these women show their views of the American dream, and how they achieve them in many different ways.

The book precisely shows what the separate women do after they achieve this high point, and how they interact with other people, especially their family and friends. Tan delivers a brilliant piece of literature that molds itself into the theme perfectly and displays the true logic behind the vast and remarkable American dream.

This dream becomes represented in distinct patterns of similarity between the mothers and the daughters, as the book progress along from story to story. All of the mothers, being immigrants from China, link themselves together by a common bond of heritage and childhood upbringing to a certain extent. The way they act and think practically determines their basis of views and ideas on the American dream from the beginning. They hold strong values in the old system of doing things as a family, and it is shown in their conversations and thoughts of...