Julius Caesar (Be loyal in life)

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Caesar: "Et tu, Brute? - Then fall Caesar!"

-Julius Caesar

Shakespeare's, august tragedy, Julius Caesar is about the fall of the Roman Republic and betrayal of the tyrant Caesar, by his best friend, Marcus Brutus. Brutus chose to be loyal to Rome over Julius Caesar, whereas I chose to be loyal in all my relationships. Betrayal and loyalty are two big factors in life. If people would stop betraying others than the world would become a safer place, and people could believe stronger in friendships.

On one hand there is a traitor called Brutus, yet he can still be called a hero to some extent. One thing he wanted to do was kill Julius Caesar because he thought he was gaining too much power and he wanted the republic to stay. He just did not want Caesar to gain complete control so he decided to usurp him from the throne.

So him and his group of friends hatched a conspiracy to kill Caesar. This choice that Brutus took, tells us that he loves Rome very dearly and he could do anything for Rome, even if he had to kill his best friend. The conspirators decided that each of them would draw their sword at Caesar killing him at the Senate. Marcus Brutus thought that after killing Caesar, he would become a hero because he saved Rome, but to his surprise the whole of Rome completely turned against him and his plan backfired on him. Taking into account of all that Brutus did, his consequence in the end was a horrible one. Instead of becoming a hero and saving Rome he actually led to his own demise by killing Caesar. The people of Rome were angry with Brutus for his actions and he did not want to wander the streets...