Julius Caesar-Tragic Hero

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JULIUS CAESAR A series of events set into motion by human error which causes the downfall/death of a high placed individual in society. This definition of tragedy makes me believe that Brutus is the tragic hero. The definition clearly resembles what Brutus did. He made human errors, which led to the death of Julius Caesar. The seven attributes to be a tragic hero are as follows; (1) Must be high placed in society, (2) His/her actions must effect society, (3) Must be respected by society, (4) Must have a tragic flaw in character, (5) Tragic flaw causes poor decisions, (6) Poor decisions lead to a downfall/death, (7) The tragic hero realizes his/her mistake and may try to correct it, but it is too late.

As I stated above I believe Brutus is the tragic hero. Brutus was one of the senators under Caesar. Therefore he was high placed in society and what he said certainly impacted Rome.

It was said throughout the play that Brutus was the most respected man in Rome. Brutus' main tragic flaw is he was honest all the time and trusted everyone. That can be a big tragic flaw because sometimes if the truth hurts others you should probably lie or find some way around the truth. Brutus' tragic flaw caused a very poor decision. Brutus joined the conspirators. He had felt that Caesar was becoming too powerful and ambitious. With this in mind Brutus and the conspirators met at the capital to kill Caesar. They knelt in front of him and asked for Metellus' banished brother to be repealed back to Rome. Then they all crowded around and stabbed Caesar, Brutus being the last to strike. The ghost of Caesar would later hunt Brutus in the battle at Philippi.

Caesar may as well be...