Julius Caesar By William Shakespere

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The placement of our words and the context of how we use them can manipulate people's thoughts and actions. In the novel Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Cassius uses his words to manipulate Brutus off Caesars side. For example, Brutus was talking to Cassius about how he only wants what is for the common good and how he will die before losing his honor. This shows that Brutus is a man of character, and takes pride in his family and their and his honor. This also shows that he is not selfish b/c even though he does not like Caesar personally; he wants what is best for the common people. After Brutus says all this, Cassius comments how Brutus' ancestors would have stood up to Caesar and not stayed under his power. Cassius is crafty and knew how to listen for the thing that Brutus belived in the most, " and ran w/ it " by pressing the issue of honor in all his reasoning about Caesar.

Finally, Cassius writes notes, from other people, to Brutus. These letters say how great a leader Brutus I s and how they are concerned about Cease becoming king. This shows how Cassius manipulates Brutus, now by flattery of his words (Brutus thinking they are other peoples words). Cassius realizes that this could be the thing that brings Brutus on his side. Cassius is a good manipulator and uses word to get people on his side.

In act 1 of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Cassius shows that he adamatly does not care for Caesar. Cassius tells how Caesar was born free like them, free like them, was raised like him and can live just as well as them. He is trying to say why is everyone acting as if he is...