The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. An essay on the effect's of capilists and capitalism in the book.

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The Jungle Essay

Evidence #1: The house that Jurgis and his family had bought was not new at all as they had supposed; it was about fifteen years old, and there was nothing new upon it but the paint, which was so bad that it needed to be put on new every year or two. The house was one of a whole row that was built by a company which existed to make money by swindling poor people. Jurgis's family had paid fifteen hundred dollars for it, and it had not cost the builders five hundred when it was new and Grandmother Majauszkiene knew that, because her son belonged to a political organization with a contractor who put up exactly such houses. They used the very flimsiest and cheapest material: They built the houses a dozen at a time, and they cared about nothing at all except the outside shine.


Explanation #1: The family's encounter with Grandmother Majauszkiene shows that the real estate companies have trapped them in a scheme by selling them a house that is shinny and pretty on the outside but rotten on the inside. The house is sold on its appearance and not its live able conditions. The real estate agents con people into buying the homes by telling them they are going fast to pressure families into buying without considering all the conditions of the house. The real Estate agents also sell the houses as rentals until it is paid for, knowing that most families will go through a period of time where they will struggle, and most likely miss a payment, and if so the family will be evicted from the house and lose everything. This all considered corporate gain at the expense of the consumer.

Evidence #2: There was no heat upon...