Justice - This is a short essay written to question justice in modern day society.

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Justice can be perceived in many different ways. Is it just that gas prices are so high? Is it just that taxes are so high? Is it just that you should be busted for smoking marijuana and not cigarettes? These are all things that we deal with in everyday life. We just live with it. There have been some stories in the news that can question the authority of Canada's present justice system. There are also global issues that question justice. Should America be able to police the rest of the world? Is there really a Justice system that works?

There was a story in the news just a couple of weeks ago where two teens allegedly street racing struck a woman in the street and killing her. Their sentence was 18 months house arrest.

There was also a story about the Air India bombing in 1985 that killed 329 people and left no survivors.

There is only one suspect being charged since the bombing and his name is Indergit Singh Reyat. He has already served 10 years for manslaughter for another bombing in Japan that killed two people. With the charges now laid and the time he has already served he will have only spent 25 years in jail. A meager sentence considering the 329 people were killed. He should have 329 life sentences, one for each victim.

Probably the biggest and most important story going on in the news today is the ongoing feud for and against war in Iraq. Is it just that a murderous dictator such as Saddam Hussein can be in power in Iraq? Should someone as untrustworthy as him be able to have missiles capable of killing hundreds of people? Or is it just that America and George Bush should have the...