Juvenile Crime

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Juvenile CrimeJuvenile crime has gotten out of control and is not being handled correctly. Back in the day kids used to break the law but not like they do today. They used to do little things that are still wrong like steel a piece of candy or get into a fight but nothing as serious as kids do today. The cops would just bring them home and let there parents deal with it. Today they take everything out of control; first the cops start treating kids like there evil then the kids start doing crazy shit. They steel cars, they kill people, rob banks, ect. Especially in bad cities, kids think they aren't accepted anywhere besides gangs and with people doing the wrong things. Juvenile crime is growing everywhere from cities to suburbs and a lot of it is because of all the violence and fear they grow up around.

Even though they can do much damage they are unfairly blamed and seen as monsters. Their actions don't just effect them, it effects their parents, teachers, and others in their community.

Juvenile crime is increasing all over the united states. Every year there are 2.3 million juveniles arrested and between 1986-1991 violent crimes done by minors increased 62% (David pg.18). Every day there are 100,000 kids in the country that bring a gun to school. Most of these kids say that they carry guns with them every where because they need protection and they do need protection because of the areas that they live in; they could get robbed, jumped, shot at. According to the book Juvenile Crime the latest thing for kids to do is car jack people. This is especially popular in suburban areas because it's safer there and if you pull a gun on someone they most...