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Kama'aina Special In the article "Kama'aina Cash Has Value, Too, But Hotels Don't Seem To Care" by Lee Cataluna, she writes about the recent problems that the Hotel Industries face. Since September 11, 2001 the industry has been in an economic slum because there are no tourists coming to Hawaii. Hotels since as far back as the 1980's have always made it seem that locals are not as important as tourists. Michael Qseng a radio personality had a feature on his morning show called "the LPNAIAJT Awards", or Local People Are Not As Important As Japanese Tourists. People would call in and tell their stories of how they were ignored in stores, restaurants, and hotels, while tourists were getting the five star treatment. Industries have always given tourists special treatment because they bring in the cash. Now the industry has lost their major source of income and hotels are suffering.

Hotel workers are being laid off and rooms aren't getting filled, because people are afraid to fly and the Japanese don't want to insult us by having fun during our time of mourning. And since September 11 only a few hotels have invited locals to stay. They have even made special kama'aina rates so more local people come to their hotels. An example is The Halekulani. There it is $275 a night, which actually $15 higher than its normal rates, but it comes with a bunch of upgrades and amenities. Lee Cataluna seems to think that more hotels should do this to show that kama'aina cash has value too. Then maybe people would make it their patriotic duty to spend money and help the hotel industry.

The hotel industry does not care about kama'aina cash they just care about cash. They don't have to care about the local people,