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'Keep Vindolanda Digging' - Research Proposal

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Vindolanda is an important and prestigious part of our country's archeological history, which since its establishment in the 1970s has been a place where students and visitors of all ages can come and actively participate in historical and archeological research. The purpose of this proposal is to develop a marketing campaign that will support the trusts long-term future specifically through the attraction and engagement of a new and important demographic (the 18-35 age group).

Background and Context

Heritage Tourism is an industry worth 12.5 billion pounds per year to the UK, its estimated by the Historical Review Executive Committee, 2010 (25/10/10) that the Tourism economy will grow by 2.6% per year over the next 10 years. History is the strongest product driver and is the highest rated when perceiving Britain as a Tourist destination. In 2008, 38% of visitors to heritage sites were from outside of the locality, this will be important when considering the amenities offered and marketed for Vindolanda as a location.

Having positioned the Vindolanda trust in the Heritage market place it is important to segment the market and to understand that whilst large and growing it is also extremely diverse and competitive in respect of capturing the potential consumers attention.

In the UK, TGI data suggests that all categories of heritage attraction have enjoyed some modest increases in their visitor numbers over the past two years. That said however, a number have been more successful than others as a result of introducing new levers of attractiveness, an example being Stately Home and Castles who have seen a significant rise in visitor levels undoubtedly benefiting from stronger marketing, better promotion and the more effective commercialization of its offerings such as 'Kids go free' and 'open weekends ' both...