Kennedys involvment in the cold war

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Kennedy was born In 1935, Brookline, Massachusetts, son of Joseph P. Kennedy. He studied at London School of Economics, then attended Princeton University, but was force to leave later due to the attack of jaundice. He then attended Harvard University. After graduating Harvard, he applied for the US army but was rejected due to the back injuries he had sustained from a previous football game while he was attended. After a year of training, he applied to the US Navy and was accepted. After World War II, he entered politics, running for the Mayor of Boston, which he was reelected twice. In 1952 He decided to run for Senate instead. He managed to win the election using the slogan "Kennedy will do more for Massachusetts" Soon after, Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier. After this, there was a prolonged absence from the senate, he underwent several spinal operations. Within this time frame, he wrote the book Profiles in Courage.

When returning to the senate in 1955, his political stances on certain issues shifted and changed. After 2 more years in the Senate, he decided to run for President of the united states. After a narrow run against Nixon, he was elected as the president of the United States. This is were his affect in the Cold War began. Even in the small period of time he was presedent, up to his assasination, he managed to have a great affect on our acctivies in the cold war. He was involved with everything from the space race, the Cuban missle crisis, to the vietnam war.

One of his first notable decisions that impacted the cold war was his decision to follow through with the invasion of Cuba. Before Kennedy had taken the position of Presidency, Dwight Eisenhower had setup an envision plan on...