Kids Will Be Kids (Division Classification)

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Kids will be Kids Unique little babies are born everyday. Mothers everywhere have all sorts of crafty ideas and techniques to nurture those precious little infants into the model pre-child. No matter what new and inventive plans parents have, it seems as though all toddlers generally fall into three annoying categories.

The first annoying child is the Independent Big Boy/Girl. This little tot knows everything, says anything, and can do all things without the aid of an adult. The tiny little mind of this toddler is filled with the assurance that they are capable of anything. You almost never hear them say anything except, "I Tan do it myself" or "I Tan det it". Despite the fact that they don't even have a fully functioning vocabulary yet, they don't think they need anyone for anything. This child is quite amusing to watch because he or she is the most determined you'll ever meet.

It's a joy watching this child compared to the second type of kid.

The second type of nuisance in the little tyke world is the marvelous Crybaby. This is the one who, despite the fact that he or she is walking and capable of talking he or she is attached to his or her Mommy's hip. This child's language is even worse to translate than the average tot because everything is whined, moaned, squealed, or accompanied by a load of leaky tears. This kid is a headache on all occasions. You can never leave home without tissues because whining and crying are a matching set to a runny nose. Additional children can't even be considered as an option since you can't have a baby because the previous still holds that title. Some parents are actually thankful to have this child because at least the Crybaby is...