To Kill A Mockingbird

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Compare and Contrast Essay This Story takes place in Alabama during the Depression. The people in this movie face many different themes such as racism, and gender issues. Most women were controlled by there husbands or father they were to learn what it was like to be a proper southern lady. This book was made on social classes. Most of the people in this book were poor and some made payments in food or labor work.

Some similarities between the Book To Kill A Mocking Bird and the movie are the direct quotes or main scenes. Most main scenes like the one with the mad dog and with Tom Robinson are the same. The book isn't as stretched out as the movie most of the little scenes were removed such as the snow one.

Some differences between the movie and the book were the chain of events. An example is how Boo Radley had shot his gun in the sky to scare the kids away and then Jem went and got his pants back.

In the movie the kids ran off the land and then Jem went back to get his pants and Boo shot his gun into the sky.