To Kill A Mockingbird - The affects of one's surrounding environment on their personality and morals.

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Chapter 8 - Prompt #8

The main attitude which is predominant in this chapter and is displayed throughout the entirety of the novel is the opinion that people who base their lives outside are more free-spirited and kind, while those that reside inside barriers, physical or religious, are strict and demanding. Miss Maudie is happy to be able to have a small house so she can have a bigger garden and spend more time outdoors. Staying outdoors more will improve her overall kindness and benevolence, which is shown by her having a positive outlook on the destruction of her house by the tremendous blaze. Throughout the novel, the location of people and events inside or outside of houses and barriers hints toward several themes of the book. Generally, those who predominantly remain inside their houses willfully, such Aunt Alexandra, are strict and are corrupt by the stereotypes and prejudices of society.

However, the children run outside constantly, making them free and innocent, allowing them to not understand the racism and discrimination present in their society. Boo Radley, however, is forcibly made to stay within the boundaries of his religion, and generally doesn't show himself to the public, but rather studies his Bible and becomes a despondent recluse. Calpurnia is also affected by this overall theme of boundaries affecting one's personality, because she acts strict and demanding to Scout. Calpurnia's impelling personality due to the stressful boundaries which imprison her is shown when the Scout says, "She was furious, and when she was furious, Calpurnia's grammar became erratic...she sent me through the swinging door with a stinging smack (29)." Atticus is the one exception to this theme, because his office becomes his home in several aspects. In his office, he isn't secluded from society, but interacts with it more, causing him...