To Kill a Mockingbird First Person Letter from Boo Radly

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To Kill a Mockingbird First Person Letter from Boo Radly

To whom it may concern:

I'm stuck in my house because my parents pleaded with the law when I

was young for me to stay at home and I wouldn't be able to leave my house.

I would have rather gone to the detention school.... I was hurt more not

being able to go outside and I was addressed as Monster. Later on I was

doing some cutting and pasting. No one ever knew what happened just that I

stabbed my Mom in her leg. Again my parents pleaded with the law to let me

stay at home and that I would not be able to go outside. I have been

trapped in my house for all these years.... I was once considered a normal

kid with friends but now people are scared of me and are afraid upon

hearing my name.

I do carvings with wood and I made little figures of Jem

and Scout and put it in the tree along with other stuff. I started to try

to begin a friendship but again it was destroyed by my father who filled

the tree hole with cement. I have been trapped all my life. I consider the

walls to be my friends. I saw them hour after hour. I wish you people

wouldn't be afraid. Rumours start and that can really hurt a person if you

here something second hand and it isn't the truth. I wish people wouldn't

be afraid and give me a chance. I want friends just like everybody else

and freedom but that was taken away from me. I am older now and the damage

has already been done the rumours, stories, etc.. I just wanted to write

this to anyone so they understand...