A Kind Act

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The radiant rays of the morning sun filtered through the canopy of leaves. My friend and I had gone to the park to play a small game of soccer before retreating home for breakfast.

From a distance, we could see smoke in the air. However, thinking that it was a barbecue someone was having at the park, we took no notice of it and happily continued to chat and giggle away. It was when we approached nearer to the park that we realized that there was no barbecue going on. As we looked around, we realized to our horror that a nearby house was on fire. Both of us stood rooted to the spot, unable to make a single movement. On the impulse, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me towards the nearest payphone.

The park was extremely deserted as not a single soul was there except for Bob and me.

The residents of the other houses were fast asleep snuggled in the comfort of their warm beds.

Whilst I ran to the payphone, my friend heard cries for help coming from the house. My friend, Bob, sprinted into the house in order to see the source of the cries. I yelled for him to stop with the fear he might get hurt but he paid no attention to my words of advice. As Bob entered the burning house, he felt fierce heat and saw the billowing smoke hearing the crackling fury from within. The tiny fumes became bigger and bigger until Bob's vision was blurred as the contents of the room were quickly burning to ashes.

Once again, Bob heard the faint cries for help. He knew that the cries were coming from the room on the right hand side of the kitchen. Being in the living room, Bob had to figure out a way to get to the room without being burnt to bits. The choking smell blocked his air passages and made it difficult for him to breathe. Plumes of black smoke shattered the windows with great impact as the fire raged on. Bob quickly got his act together and ran helter skelter around the living room and finally decided to risk his life. Suddenly, the cries stopped. Bob's heart dropped from his chest to his feet. He wondered," Am I too late?" He tried not to think negative thoughts and with every inch of courage in him, he found a path to the room. All this time, he did not once think about the fire brigade. He was merely focused on rescuing the child. He finally found the child, who was luckily still alive. Together, they forced open one of the windows. This was made difficult because of the panic they felt upon the oncoming fire. Quickly but with extreme caution, Bob carried the young boy down to safety whereby the fled the scene immediately.

The fire brigade arrived immediately and sped to the scene of fire. There, they battled relentlessly against the raging inferno. The people living in adjacent houses were quickly woken up and evacuated. With many fire extinguishers and big jets of water, the fire was put out, although much of the furniture had been burnt beyond recognition.

The owners of the house were severely reprimanded for leaving the child alone in the house with no supervision. The firefighters commended Bob for his courageous rescue of the helpless young boy in the house. It had been an extremely brave and kind act on his part as he had risked his life for someone else.