King Louis XVI was his own enemy!

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Some say that the French revolution was caused by King Louis XVI being too young and inexperienced to rule a country, while others feel that it was the fault of both the kings of the revolution (Louis XIV and Louis XVI). I believe that both these relevant points are true to a certain extent.

In 1774 at the mere age of twenty, King Louis XVI came into power. When Louis was empowered there were many problems that France was already suffering. Bankruptcy was a huge problem in France, the amount of money that King Louis XIV had borrowed was enormous, and the national debt was very high. This problem along with the problem of different classes which caused inequality among the people was the reason that an upset began in France. So as Louis XVI accepted France there were already problems of bankruptcy, inequality and anger against government.

When Louis XVI came into power, he realized that these problems existed.

He established a good start when he became king as he reorganized parliament, dismissing certain councilors which had caused anger amongst the French people. He then assigned Turgot as his finance minister, Turgot tried to ease the financial crisis of France, but he had difficulties when trying to introduce a major reform, that of taxing the nobles. After the Parliament (whom were the nobles of the robe) rejected Turgot's new tax laws, the king dismissed Turgot from his office. Louis also stopped torture as way of statement and further amazed the French society by reorganizing the prison systems. These small changes made all the difference as Louis was beginning to gain a certain faith among the people.

Louis next appointed Jacques Necker as his finance minister, the king supported Necker's reforms and economic beliefs, but Necker, even though fought for...