The Kite Runner

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Arason Navaranjan

Arason Navaranjan

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Kite Runner Expository Essay

The feeling of guilt causes people to either reveal their secrets or, to cover them up with lies. In the novel The Kite Runner guilt causes many of the characters to either reveal their secrets or to cover them up with lies. Khaled Hosseini uses the theme of secrets to explore the novel's central theme of redemption through specific character development of Rahim Khan, and his knowledge that Amir and Hassan are brothers, Assef, knowing that he is half German, and Amir, with his knowledge that he let Hassan get raped.

Early on Rahim Khan has a secret of his own, which sends him on his own path to redemption, which he achieves through guiding Amir, helping Amir with his writing and then revealing his secret to Amir. Since Rahim Khan's secret is that Amir and Hassan are brothers, he feels the need to guide Amir, just how Baba has indirectly done for Hassan.

Rahim Khan notices that Amir's story "… has irony... It is something some writers reach for their entire careers and never attain. You have achieved it with your first story. My door is and always will be open to you, Amir jan...Bravo." (Hosseini 35). The reason behind Rahim Khan's praise is because Baba refuses accept Amir for who he is. Therefore out of guilt Rahim feels that he must try and be the father Amir never had, and to recognize Amir for the few talents he has. During Amir's birthday party Rahim Khan gives Amir a brown book for writing his stories down, "'Here.' He handed me something. 'I almost forgot. Happy birthday.' It was a brown leather-bound notebook. I traced my fingers along the gold-colored stitching on the borders. I...