Kodak's Innovation - Diffusion of Innovation

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Kodak's New Innovation(Cited Source: http://www.forbes.com/leadershipinnovation/2007/02/23/innovation-kodak-disruptors-lead-innovate-cx_cc_0226christensen.html)(Clayton M. Christensen and Scott D. Anthony 02.26.07)Diffusion of InnovationThis article explains about the new product that Kodak has come up with. After years of losses, countless layoffs and drops in the company value, Kodak has decided to reinvent itself by introducing some innovative products. They have also started adopting strategies and tactics to lure the customer into buying the product. Kodak introduced easy to use digital cameras and printers that can connect directly into a printer, but it has not done much good for the company as the stocks were still declining. This time around, Kodak have come up with a product that they expect will revolutionize the printer-ink industry, a disruptive innovation that they expect will steal market share from all the other printing giants like Hp, Canon, Lexmark etc. They are introducing $150-$300 printers which use inks that cost half the price compared to the existing printers sold by the market leaders.

Kodak hopes that it can finally overturn its declining fortunes with some help from this new product. But, the different questions pointed out in the article gives rise to skepticism whether the product will really make a mark or just vanish into thin air.

Kodak is trying to get more market share from the giants and they hope that this will increase their share value and finally they can come out with a profit. Kodak is having high expectations about this new product. If the company is to make a mark in the printer industry take the market share from the giants like Hp etc, it will have to market the product aggressively. This is not an easy task as they are already big established market players and unless the product that Kodak brings out is really innovative or really stands...