Kudler Fine Food Frequent Shopper Program

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Kudler Fine Food Frequent Shopper ProgramKudler Fine Foods have contracted Smith Consulting for a difficult task. Kudler Fine Foods currently wishes to incorporate a frequent shopper program for their valued customers. Smith Consulting will address alternative methods for the frequent shopper program while addressing the advantages and disadvantages of each program. Market research in the form of testing and development will allow Kudler Fine Foods to make the appropriate decision on which frequent shopper program, developed by Smith Consulting, shall be incorporated in their locations.

Alternative Methods for Frequent Shopper ProgramFrequent shopper programs are used by organizations to entice consumers to continue to shop in the organizations locations. This is a very simple concept, reward the consumer for shopping at the store and they will return to buy more goods and they will spread the word to others and increase the profit for the organization.

The first frequent shopper program for Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is the most basic frequent shopper program used by all industries.

When a consumer signs up for the frequent shopper program they will then be entitled to several store discounts that are not available to individuals who are not enrolled in the frequent shopper program. The discounts will include weekly specials, dollar days and blue light specials each consisting of different items every week to ensure that every frequent shopper has a variety of items to choose from every week.

The second frequent shopper program developed for KFF is a little more rewarding. The normal discounts will apply from the above frequent shopper program along with a tremendous bonus in the form of fuel perks. With the rapid growth of KFF, opening a gas station on site will allow consumers to save on gas while doing the same things they do every day. The fuel...