Kudler Market Organizational Behavior

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For this weeks paper our class was asked to evaluate the Organizational behavior of Kudler's Fine Foods, and then discuss the apparent culture, organizational structure, and leadership style based on organizational performance. I will approach these areas as they are listed above.

Organizational Culture:First I feel that one must understand what organizational culture is. Organizational culture describes the psychology, attitude, experiences, beliefs, and values of an organization and how they share and the norms that people and groups interact with each other and with the stakeholders outside the organization (Wiki). To look at the culture of Kudler's fine foods one must take a look at their mission statement.

"Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing our customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that your culinary visions can come true (Kudler)."From Kudler's mission statement one can see that the owner Kathy Kudler is trying to convince consumers that Kudler Fine Foods is the place to shop where you will find quality foods and wines for the everyday user, food coinsure and gourmet chefs alike might need.

The next step to understanding their culture is to evaluate the social responsibility that Kudler feels it must fulfill to be a partner within the community.

"Kudler Fine Foods uses only the finest organic ingredients. Whenever possible, we purchase local produce from organic farmers. We use unbleached flour in our bakery goods and we don't add unnecessary preservatives to our products. Food is rotated from the shelves on an ongoing basis. Those items that are still in "good" condition are donated to local homeless shelters and food kitchens".

As one can see Kudlers tries to purchase its products from local producers ensuring fresh product and helping the community by keeping the revenues of those purchases within the community.