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Introduction: In living things, organic compounds are present. Most common food contains the most abundant organic compounds of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Lipids are used to store energy. They include fats oils and waxes. They contain mostly hydrogen and carbon atoms. Carbohydrates are a main source of energy for most living things. Proteins are one of the more diverse macromolecules. Proteins are made up of Nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are made up of hydrogen carbon and oxygen atoms. Some examples are starches and sugars. One can find out if a substance has one of these organic compounds by using an indicator, which changes color in the presence of a particular compound.

Purpose: To find the presence of organic compounds in common foods.

Hypothesis: If the food contains fats oils or waxes like vegetable oil and butter then the food will contain lipids

If the food contains carbohydrates like potatoes then it will contain starches

If the food is sweet like honey and apple juice then it contains sugars.

Eggs will contain protein.


1. Divide a piece of brown paper bag into ten equal sections and in each section write one of the names of the food sample.

2. In each section place a small drop of the food sample and wipe off any excess pieces of food. Set it aside for 15 minutes.

3. Hold the paper up to a bright light and check off any samples that tested positive for lipids.

4. Place eight test tubes on a test tube rack and label each with a wax crayon with one of the common food samples.

5. Use a graduated cylinder to transfer two mL of tap water in the test tube marked water. Use a wax crayon to mark the test tube at the level of...