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Navarre By Shae Brown The following is a character analysis of Atien Navarre, one of the main characters in the movie Lady hawk. The essay will examine the importance of the characters behavior, and personality of Navarre, the physical appearance, and the comparison or connection to other characters in the story.

Navarre is important because he is one of the main characters in the movie Lady hawk. He is also important because him and lady hawk loved each other because, they were once a couple. If Navarre wasn't in the movie Phillipe would be back in jail.

Navarre is sometimes grumpy he doesn't like to leave Lady Hawk with someone else but, if she had gotten hurt he might make an exception. That's how Navarre acts around other people and lady hawk.

When Navarre appears as a man it seems like he works for a king in a castle but, he wasn't working for a king in a castle.

He was just an ordinary man. His appearance as a wolf was very weird because he didn't even know what happened when he was a wolf. Here is an example of Navarre not knowing what he was doing when the wolf fell in to the lake. Phillipe saved Navarre as the wolf when he turned back in to a man. He didn't understand when Phillipe told him that he had saved him.

In the movie Lady Hawk Navarre was acting like a person off a movie I've watched called Willow. He also reminds me of a knight that guards a castle, that's who Navarre reminds me of.

The connection with Phillipe and Navarre is that they both stop being miserable and started being happy at the end of the movie. Same happened to Isabor and the drunk old monk. That made everyone happy in everyone's lives.

That is what happened with Navarre's behavior, his physical appearance, the comparison and the connection in the movie lady hawk.