The Lady Trojans

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Mandy Nguyen

Professor DiNallo

English 101

9 September 2014

The Lady Trojans

Have you ever done something outside of your comfort? It was my sophomore year of high school when my best friend Kira finally convinced me to join our school's soccer team. Considering the fact that I've never touched a soccer ball, or even ran as far as a mile, I recoiled at the thought of joining a soccer team. However Kira stopped at nothing to get me to join the soccer team and eventually I gave in. After I stepped out of my comfort zone I discovered far more than just a sport, soccer became my passion.

I remember soccer tryouts like it was yesterday… I was nervous when they announced that there would be two days of tryouts, one for ball work and one for running. The day came when it was time to test my physical ability; every girl there knew what she was doing besides me, which made me feel smaller than I already was.

The first day of tryouts was the first day I tested my footwork with a soccer ball. Although I wasn't the best with the soccer ball and I wasn't the fastest during the mile run, I made it on the team and became a Lady Trojan. Excited to actually be apart of something in high school, soccer quickly became my passion and I worked hard everyday to become better at it.

When I think about soccer, I think about all of the running we had to do. The first time I ever conditioned with the soccer team was the first time I ever ran. At the

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beginning of the soccer season I was one of the slowest runners. I worked every day...