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The United States government plays a very important role in today's society. From declaring war to organizing the national budget, the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government guide the United States is hoping to make the most beneficial decisions. Sometimes, we as citizens do not believe that the government makes the best decisions, but often issues are often too complicated to be thoroughly explained to everyone.

At times it seems like the government is too involved with people's lives. For example, when it comes to abortion I think it's the woman's decision, and not the government's. Political parties have made this issue into a large controversy. At other times, the government does not seem involved enough. The United States has poverty much less severe than some countries, but our government should still step in and help the less fortunate. In the recent past it didn't seem right to have people living on the streets in boxes, and eating out of garbage cans, while the rest of the country and the government was focused on the slightest detail of the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair.

I believe I fall between the categories of the moderates and the conservatives, however I am a little bit more moderate. I believe the government role needs to be somewhat substantial and not too reduced; however, I would have a hard time understanding a government that believed human nature is a bad thing. Human Nature is what really provides ethics and morals in our society. I mostly see the government as not being well-defined, because like a moderate I think everything depends on the situation. It is just like how I feel about the government getting involved in people's lives. In one situation I don't think they should get involved (with abortion). In the...