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THE PRICE RANGE OF AN AUTOMOBILE The price range of a car can be from any range. You could get paid to take a car of someone's hands and you could pay for the car. The Price of some cars is very expensive. For example a Lamborghini Diablo is about 200,000 dollars or more.

If you get a used Lamborghini the price range will be lowered to about 95,000 dollars if in good condition. A new Lamborghini would be from 150,000-350,000 dollars. These cars offer speed, most are fully loaded, and they show class. A 2001 Lamborghini Diablo would get you about any woman you wanted, but when buying be sure to know that all you are paying for is the name. I would pay 350,000 dollars if I had it.

You could always buy a Mercedes Benz because they have class too, but personally I like a good looking sports car.

A Mercedes Benz can offer everything a Lamborghini can offer but the speed and looks. Also if you look at the make up of the 2 cars you could see they are different in a couple of ways. For 1, the Lamborghini's engine is in the back of the car and a Mercedes is in the front, and 2, A Lamborghini is more aerodynamic and sportier while a Mercedes is for more luxurious type Driving.

Lamborghini's engines are mainly V12's, V12's are for more speed and this is mainly why they cost so much. Now you see why they cost so much and why I would pay for one. A Mercedes, sure I would drive it, But a Lamborghini I wouldn't just drive it I would show it off.