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Language is developed and built upon by the society in which it is used within. Language defines cultures and religions, generation gaps and time periods. Words that were used hundreds of years ago can take on new purpose or be lost all together. Many words are adapted and given new slang meanings to be used in different contexts. The word rape is now not only used for what it was intended, to mean the crime of forcing a person to have sexual intercourse against his or her will, but has taken on many slang meanings.

Rape, in the predominately younger generation, is, in slang, primarily used under generally two contradictive meanings. Rape can be used to describe the difficulty, unsuccessfulness, or defeat of something. You can say to your fellow classmate, "I'm getting raped by this class. Calculus is too hard for me!" When the tense is changed, the word takes on the opposite meaning.

Instead of being negative, the word becomes positive. It is then used to describe success and mastery, "I am raping this course, Calculus is a breeze", or a burglar could say "We're raping this home of all it's belongings!" You really come to realize how oppressive and vile our society has become when we can take a word such as rape, a word which has a malefic, violent meaning, and use it so casually within our every day lives. The youth of North America might as well be called the Numb Generation, because in actual fact that's what we are. We are the children of the millenium. We are more educated and globally aware then our parents ever were at our age, and we are becoming the control of everything. No one seems to care anymore; no one rallies the way they did...