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Saintanel Francois

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The topic of this paper is the diversity of religion in America and to show why there are so many religions. This research paper will talk about different type of religions existing in America. This paper will divided in three parts such as originality, doctrine, and practice. The origin of religion will tell us where the religions came from and why the religions came in the society. In addition, it provides the information about different religions. This paper will explain the division of religion and why the religions are divided in the world. Also, it will be shown the reasons for its divisions. Finally, this paper will provide how the believers adopt to their religions and how they place their faith in what they believe.

Many students and people did not know how to practice a religion.

Also, they have problems with religions because of the diversity. This paper will teach them about division of religions, and the reasons why they divided. It helps everyone to identify the different types of religion. Readers will have knowledge about each type of religion we are going to underline. They will gain knowledge also in how to practice a religion. Moreover, Students will know how the believers believe in their religion. This paper will help students to understand the largest religions and their beliefs in America.

There are several religions in the society. However, each country has adopted some of the religions. In America, there are different kinds of religion. For that reason, we choose America to talk about its religions. Before starting, we define religion as a set belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. To help you to...