Essay by bjutain October 2003

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I could not believe that they have come up with physical characteristics that more than less make up a leader. I guess I could understand that they tend to be taller because taller people seem to be able to grab the groups attention easier. Te fact that they are physically attractive leads me to believe that people look up more to those that are more attractive looking. If I think back to when I was little and in elementary school, how groups were formed and who was the leader of them, it usually tuned out to be one of the prettiest girls and cutest boys. I was a very pudgy little girl all through growing up and had to actually try to get those leaders to accept me so everyone else would too. It was lucky for me that me neighbor that was like my brother was a leader, so everybody was nice to me and never said anything because of him and the fact that he told them not to.

It is hard to believe that as a society we do not grow up some and follow those with the best skills for getting the job done. Is this because from growing up and it always being like that, those that were not leaders got use to being the one listening to someone else instead of being the one taking charge and do not have the guts to? Is it that we just see people with these certain physical characteristics as being of a higher lever and a real leader? Or is it the simple fact that people who follow these characteristics just happen to be the majority of and the best leaders? The thing that really got me was that the next thing said about leaders was...