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Critical Analysis on Leadership Frameworks in Issue Resolving- Case of Tesco


This report makes its good start with a question 'What is Leadership?' This is to introduce and better understand the vast concept of the leadership and reveal the basic underpinnings. This leadership is the process through which an individual influences remaining ones aiming at accomplishing the goals of organization in a manner that makes it more coherent and cohesive (Obiwuru et al., 2011). This leadership evaluated on the basis of the environment in which the respective leader is operating and this is also dependant on the objective of the organization to be achieved. In a simple way, the entire focus of the leadership would be laid on achieving significant change in that firm or organization. The traditional procedures would be aimed in making new changes that would be profitable to the companies and solving issues and challenges (Shen, 2005).

However, in making an adoption of alternative or innovative methodologies in their operations by coming out of the traditional work flow, many leaders still would often be reluctant. And so is the existence of various styles/types of leaderships which would and should be applied accordingly with the various scenarios as required. The chance of succeeding in the implementation of leadership styles is more potential with better understanding these various styles of leadership. There are few principles of leadership which are significant in guiding the thoughts and behaviors (Rhodes and Brundrett, 2009). These principles are listed below:

Leadership contributed the individual in critically analyzing the available options and alternatives for a scenario and leads them in making right decisions even at times of difficulty/ crisis and stress (Rhodes and Brundrett, 2009).

This poses significant affect on how the leader is perceived by others and how the crisis or the...