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Rachel Mooney


Leadership is shown through a person's actions and attitude, rather than words. A leader is able to mold, influence, and instruct a group of people through their actions. They can aid a society by becoming a symbol of what they believe in. They can raise people out of their insignificant concerns, and unite them to deal with the conflicts that divide their society. For one to become a good leader, they must have a diverse set of qualities such as perseverance, integrity, intelligence and dependability.

A crucial quality that a good leader must possess is dependability. Being a leader means that there are a many difficult decisions that have to be made. They have the responsibility of making those decisions with a clear head and an open heart. When they show that they can make it through the hard times, then the people will know that they are in good hands.

For example, President Harry Truman was given two difficult options: either invade the mainland of Japan, causing of thousands of more deaths, both American and Japanese, or dropping the atomic bombs in hope of Japan forfeiting (he obviously chose the latter). In order to be able to lead, you must be capable of handling the difficult decisions and responsibilities that come with being a good leader.

Another important quality a leader should have is perseverance. Perseverance is a person leading means that they are able to stay cool under pressure, and is a reassuring anchor during hard times. They must make intelligent judgments under strain, and to guide people in the right direction throughout hardships. When Athens was burned down by the Persians, Pericles, an inspiring leader, showed no signs of defeat and saw it as an opportunity to restore Athens to its former glory. Perseverance...