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Leadership By Dustin Scott Leadership is the responsibility taken by one or more individuals to be the head of a group. When somebody takes the responsibility to become a leader they should have certain qualities such as the ability to stay calm, you must be reliable. Something that is not required but is always helpful is communication, if you are going to lead a group it is good to be able to get along with everyone in the group.

In the book Lord of the Flies I thought Jack was a good leader. He was the leader of the hunters, not only did he know how to hunt well and all that, but he also was willing to help out the other hunters and he was the type of person who would hunt until he had food to bring home. What I am saying is that if I were on the island I would feel comfortable with Jack leading the group because he could teach everyone how to hunt and cook what they got.

Also, he knew a little bit more than others when it came to survival in the woods and all that. Another quality that makes a good leader that Jack had was the ability to stay calm, this is helpful to the little ones when they are worried, they see that everything is okay. One good example of him keeping the kids calm in the book is when they all thought they saw the beast. The younger kids had some of the older ones thinking maybe there is a beast when there wasn't, and they really believed the beast existed. Jack knew that there was no beast on the island so he calmed them down by telling them if there was a beast him and his hunting crew would know of it because they are always out in the woods. To me he would make a great leader and I feel that as the book goes on he will.

I feel that Krystian makes a good leader because he is responsible, calm type guy, reliable. He also participates in many leadership programs such as; VTLSP, GYLC, PLP, and other confusing stuff. Now, don't ask me what those mean but they are leader programs. It seems to me that when he is around he is always putting his two cents in and making sure he does everything he can to make things better for the group so I think he is a good leader for many things.

There is positive and negative leadership, some try to help when they lead and others are the bossy kind that doesn't help, usually it is more degrading than helpful.