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It was a hot, sunny day in the middle of July. The noontime air was warm and steamy. I was tan and happy. My dad, my two sisters and I were driving through Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, in Maine. We stopped and parked at the foot of a mountain. The infamous Bubble Rock rested at its peak. While reading the posted sign we learned how Bubble Rock was formed by glaciers. This rock hung over the edge of the steep mountain. Although the rock was quite stable, it looked like it would snap off at any moment. I looked up and realized how much I wished I was standing up on top of it. I decided to check out the trail that led into the woods.

"I'll be back after I climb the mountain," I yelled as I walked into the woods. I didn't really plan on climbing the mountain.

My family thought I was joking when I said that I was going to do it. Maybe I was. I still do not know. Something about myself that I have learned is that sometimes you do not know what to expect of me. I like to be spontaneous, and I like a lot of excitement. My family can never tell what I am going to do. That afternoon they might have been wondering exactly what they should expect.

I did not want to go to the top of the mountain. It would take a long time, and we wanted to go shopping and head back to our cabin before it got too late. I walked into the woods and soon I was beside a lake totally enveloped in fog. I was facing a rock wall. The blue dots on the wall indicated that the trail went...