Legal Issue Final Research Project Paper: Starbucks Coffee Company

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Table of Contents1.Introduction2.Explain the applications of agency law in the business environment.

3.Distinguish among the types of business entities.

4.Illustrate the impact of e-business on the global legal environment as it pertains to the various types of business entities.

5.ConclusionIntroduction"Will that be Tall, Grande or Venti?" Anyone who frequents Starbucks is familiar with those words. The smell of coffee permeates the air as we walk through the door. From its humble beginnings in Seattle, Washington (1971), Starbucks Coffee Company's reach today extends across the U.S. to Canada, Europe, Asia, and many other countries (The Gourmet Retailer). The Starbucks experience is being brought to everyone, just about anywhere in the world. Starbucks has grown to 12,440 stores since the end of 2006.

The following paper will concentrate on three key areas of business law and how they have affected growth and development within Starbucks, Inc.

An explanation of applications in the agency law area of business environment will be analyzed. Second, distinguishing factors among the types of business entities will be made. Lastly, an illustration of the e-business impact on Starbucks' global legal environment as it pertains to business entities will be examined.

Applications of Agency LawThe Starbucks name and logo has been displayed in the background of movies, on billboards and splash all over television in the form of commercials. Starbucks has a highly recognizable global brand, which has not happened by accident. Over the years, the company has pursed and established numerous partnerships. Their business goal is to "move into new markets all over the world, continue to build our brand through the delivery of the Starbucks Experience. Our success at every market that we have entered into reiterates our commitment to become a great, enduring company with the most recognized and respected...