Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Simulation: Fast Serve Inc

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Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Simulation

University of Phoenix

Juliet D. Hollin

July 24, 2007


Fast Serve, Inc is a 25 million company, consisting of 350 employees, involved in direct marketing of branded sports apparel. The company has developed two websites that will allow them to increase in assets. Since, the online industry was not successful, Fast Serve, Inc, is to downsize. As a manager of Fast Serve, Inc. the viewer has selected three employees for termination. The regulations regarding the decision per employee are determined upon the productivity for the company, thus the benefit for Fast Serve, Inc. A table in included identifying each employee and why they have been considered for termination. (2007, University of Phoenix Student Website) (2005, Reed, O.L., Shedd, P.J., Morehead, J.W., & Corley, R.N.)

Upon receiving notice to layoff and redesign job descriptions of employees, specific areas were reviewed in order to make a decision that would provide the best outcome for the company.

These areas included job performance, productivity, special achievements, job responsibility, educational qualifications, absenteeism and status. Length of service should play a role in making decisions for a reduction-in-force in a non-union organization but it should be taken into consideration along with skill level. An employee should not keep his or her job simply because they have been with the organization for several years. Each employee would need to be reviewed not only on how long they have been with the organization, but on his or her performance as well. At many organizations, the employees who have been there the longest are the organizations best assets because they already know how to do their jobs versus a new hire that requires a great deal of training. There will be times when a new hire may have more education and...