Legal Murder (Abortion)

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A vast majority of American citizens agree that committing murder is immorally wrong, yet some of the very same people believe that it is completely acceptable to kill an unborn baby. Denying a human the right to experience life or even take their first breath is truly inhumane and unacceptable in every possible aspect. Abortion is nothing short of legal murder. Each year over 1 million murders are committed legally. The butchered babies are thrown out like pieces of trash, while the murderers are in the doctors office relieved that they no longer carry the responsibility of motherhood. The relief a woman may feel after an abortion is only short lived. If she has a heart, sooner or later the guilt she has to bear will follow her like a shadow every single day for the rest of her life. Women can no longer ignore the devastating medical and emotional affects that come with an abortion.

The fact that evidence shows human life begins at the moment of conception can not be brushed aside any longer.

Abortion is nothing but legal murder and the American Government has allowed millions of mothers to kill their unborn children. Many believe that an abortion is a women’s right and should not be interfered with. Shouldn’t the baby have rights? The baby never did anything to deserve or be denied the opportunity to live and experience a fulfilling life. A woman does have many constitutional rights, but taking the life of her child should not be one of them. However, all women do have a choice most of the time, whether to have sex or not. Virtually all women are smart enough to know that pregnancy results from having sex. Pregnancy is definitely preventable in a couple of ways. If a woman wants to...