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Letter to the School Board Dear School Board Members, While reading the local newspaper I have seen that you are looking for a romantic writer's name to use for the new school being built. I believe the school should be named after William Blake, for a number of reasons.

First, Blake was a very religious man. He was known to have spiritual relations and mystic revelations at a very young age. Blake was known in the romantic ages as a very religious and spiritual man.

Second, Blake was a superb poet and writer of his time, writing some of his best works as a teenage boy. If the students know its namesake's early accomplishments, they might be inspired to start their writings at a young age, as did Blake.

Third, William Blake is known today as a genius. He authored unbelievable poetry such as two of my favorites, Songs of Innocence and, another magical poem, Songs of Experience; in his late twenty's and mid thirty's, being very young to have accomplished so much.

Considering the literary accomplishments of William Blake, I hope you will choose him for our future school's name. There are many romantic writers of worthy consideration, but I strongly believe William Blake High School will be the best name for our new school.