Lewis And Clark

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March 7, 1804 Lewis & Clark Today my dear friend William Clark has instructed me personally to construct the crew that will accompany us on this very intriguing expedition. When doing so I will be keeping in mind the skills and strengths that will be needed to assure this mission a complete success. I will be looking for strength, skill, qualities like discipline and honor; above all I will be looking for determination.

First on this list of qualities is strength. Most of this expedition is expected to be on a river rowing against the current. That will require an abundant amount of strength. Equally important to strength is skill. Once we start the expedition I suppose that our food supply is not going to last the entire trip, so hunting will be necessary. Next on the list is discipline. If the men don't obey Mr. Clark's and my orders the expedition will prove to be exceedingly challenging.

Not to mention Mr. Clark's way of dealing with disobedient men, he tends to have the man lashed forty times.

The quality that is needed above all is determination. The expedition will take more than one year so the men will have to stay determined. If the men start to get scared they will slowly give up and stop trying. If that happens the expedition will be a complete disaster. President Jefferson will be very disappointed if that happens.

In conclusion I will be searching for the most elite men that I can lay my eyes upon. These men will ensure that the jobs that need to be done like making a daily journal and making observations on the strange new wild life that may be discovered in this strange land.