A Life Changing Event

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Narrative Essay

June 17, 2014

A Life Changing Event

Everybody has had a share of his or her bad experiences, but the events that took place two years ago in my hometown completely haunt me to this day. It was a relatively chilly day in Utah and my best friend Jake, and I had just come from a jog 7 miles away from the City Square. We had to stop at an old antique shop across the street where I was supposed to pick some money from the sale of old glassware that my grandmother Catherine had put up for sale. The glassware was a gift from Todd, who was jailed for killing our neighbor Sam, and Catherine thought selling the items would help us forget the tragedy. It would be difficult forgetting the incidence having witnessed Todd drive a knife inside Sam's stomach at his backyard just a stone throw away from where I was watering my grandmother's flowers.

Suddenly, Jake interrupts my line of thoughts and knowing him too well he was probably concerned that the backyard events were drifting my mind from the present, and perhaps he was right.

As I waited to be served, Jake receives a phone call and with his usual self walked out to receive it outside the shop. My friend seemed lost in his world, and I knew it was Mary his newly-wedded wife who must mean much in his life especially at this stage of marriage, who had just called. In the midst of all this, a screech of car tires and a loud bang brings an end to this serene atmosphere. Three dark skinned men storm out of the car holding two machetes and two revolvers just where Jake was standing.