The Life of Nero

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The Emperor Nero was the last ruler of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. His reign started in 54 AD and lasted in 68 AD. It is believed that Nero succeeded in diplomacy. However he had no devotion to duty of the government. Besides, it is known that the great fire of Rome occured in the age of Nero. Moreover, it is considered that the great fire of Rome was Nero's order. Besides, Nero was obsessed with Greece and Greek culture, frequently traveling there and participating in poetry, singing, and games as well as orgies and parties. In 68, after an extensive time there, a food shortage and unrest brought him back to Rome. After his return there were many uprisings against him. One was lead by Vindex, the governor of Gallia Lugaunensis, and this spurred on many others who wanted to see the tyrannical Nero removed. Rome was as a whole tired of Nero, as he was more interested in his own self-seeking life of pleasure than in ruling the most powerful empire in the world...The

aim of the essay is to give information about the life of Emperor Nero.