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Unless one was a prisoner, he or she could not possibly know how life is in prison. However, after reading Behind a Convict's Eyes, one could have a good idea of how it is to live in prison. For the purpose of this analysis of prison life, this paper will compare adaption strategies described in Behind a Convict's Eyes by Anonymous N. Inmate to those described in the Voices from the Field. In addition to comparing adaption strategies, a discussion of how an inmate's need for respect, hope, and safety contributes to the correctional policy will take place. Suggestions for implementing changes in correctional policy will be part of the discussion as well. Finally, this analysis of prison life will address the issue of toxic-shamed identity as explained by K.C Carceral and support a position.

Understanding Prison LifeOther textbooks do not quit convey the kind on information found in Behind a Convict's Eyes.

Most information found on prison life covers the basics, whereas, Behind a Convict's Eyes goes in-depth, showing personal experiences from the perspective of an inmate. The author of this book discusses several aspects of prison life that most people probably do not fully understand. Some of these aspects might include prison politics, economics, or medical care. One thing most people do not understand, unless they have spent time in prison, is why inmates call being in prison "doing time."Why Prisoners call it "Doing Time"One aspect of prison life a person who has never been to prison does not have a full understanding of is time. To a prisoner, while inside, time stops. After a while, inmates stop keeping track of holidays and birthdays. To those on the outside, even an inmate's family and friends, time goes on. After awhile, more time passes betweens visits and...