The Lifetime Of Thomas Jefferson. This report is on Thomas Jefferson and I explain his life and the acomplishments he has done.

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Thomas Jefferson was a natural born leader. He showed signs of a strong leader and a great advocate of liberty from an early age. He has contributed greatly to the independence of our country, and the stability to keep it alive. Through the hard times of the Revolutionary War, and the struggle to secede from Britain, Jefferson was always there and ready with a new idea.

On April 13, 1743, at Shadwell at Albemarle County, Virginia, Jane Randolph gave birth to Thomas Jefferson. The Randolph family was a famous one, and one of high standings. Thomas' father, Peter Jefferson, was a surveyor and a planter. From him, he inherited five-thousand acres of land, which doubled when he married in 1772. She was Martha Wayles Skelton, a widow, and they lived in Thomas' home, which he called Monticello. He was very intelligent, and studied at the College of William & Mary.

He then read law and practiced it until 1774, when the courts were closed due to the Revolutionary War.

Thomas was always a writer rather than a speaker. At age 25, he was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses. He drafted documents and was successful as a committeeman. In 1774, he created a pamphlet, called "A Summary View of the Rights of Brittish America," in which he discussed the importance of natural rights and argued against parliamentary power and authority over the colonies. He viewed no ties with Britain other than the king. This was his early contribution to patriotism. He also played a part in the Continental Congress. He drafted up the Declaration on Independence at age 33, using ideas from great philosophers and advocates such as Thomas Paine. This document was revised more than once before being accepted and signed by the Continental Congress, making the...