Light years

Essay by racheline April 2004

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Characters: Peter - Racheline (20)

Melissa - Angelina (12)

Elle - Gan Li Ling (8)

Bobby - Carmen (10)

Keong - Jasmine (11)

At the auditorium [Scene 1]

Melissa was sleeping during Peter's lecture

[Peter] So class... Now, let's welcome Melissa to present us her project.

[Peter] Melissa! What are you doing? Come up here quickly and present you work to the class

[Mel] Hurh? Okay okay...

Melissa then walks up to the front.

[Mel] So today I would like to tell you all the few reasons why there will be a bad economy, starting from... ... < Faints>

Peter quickly runs up to Melissa to help her up.

[Peter] Melissa! Are you alright?

Peter turns to the class.

[Peter]Hey... someone quick call the ambulance!

At the hospital [Scene 2]

[Peter]You gave me a shock! The doctor told me that you were too stressed out and didn't have enough nutrition.

Oh my! I'm so sorry. It must have been me stressing you out by the project.

[Mel] Don't worry. It's not your fault. It was just me.

[Peter] Are you sure? Okay... Here, have an apple. [Passes Melissa an apple]

The apple dropped on the floor and both fight to pick it up.

In come Keong

[Keong] Hey... [Looks down at the stuff he brought] I brought you... [Raises his head] What are the both of you doing? Hello~! Don't forget that you are her lecturer! Stop it!

Walks to Melissa, jealously.

[Mel]Stop thinking of such stupid stuffs. Tan Chee Keong! It's none of your business! < rolls eyes>[ plays Britney spears' Opps I did it again] Don't care about him

Bobby and Elle comes in

[Bobby] Hey! Melissa, are you alright?

[Mel] Yeah! I'm fine. Thanks for coming to visit me. *smiles* Hey! You both are back together?

[Bobby] Yup! (Held on to Elle hands, smiles sweetly at each other)

[Peter] Ok, I think we shall leave you to rest now.

[Keong] Wait! How can you do this to me? I have not spoken to Melissa yet!

[Elle] ok, we really should leave now. [Pushes Keong out] You will have other time to talk to her. Let her rest! Bye Melissa. Have a good rest

*All execute*

At the taxi stand [Scene 3]

[Keong] Hey! Elle look! Remember this place? [Point to the hotel]

[Elle] Stop talking about it!

[Keong] Shall we go check it out? Let's see whether it still looks the same...

[Elle] Very funny... [Give a sarcastic looks]

[Booby] What are you all talking about?

[Elle] Nothing... Don't listen to his nonsense...

[Bobby] But... But... He said something about the hotel...

Taxi came...

[Elle] Let's go... [Pulls him into the cab]

At the staircase [Scene4]

Melissa was walking up the staircase when she heard someone calling her.

[Bobby] Melissa, Melissa, Melissa... [Runs towards Melissa]

[Melissa] Oh. You. I thought it was that Keong again. What do you want?

[Bobby] Erm... erm... You know...

[Melissa] Know what? [Snaps]

[Bobby] Erm... Are Elle and Keong hiding something or rather, behind my back?

[Melissa] What? How can you think that way?

[Bobby] No,no,no... I mean...

[Melissa] I get your idea. And please stop suspecting Elle! She has never done anything unfaithful behind your back. Bye.

[Bobby looks on as Melissa leaves]

Bobby meets Peter...

Peter walked past Bobby and Bobby stopped him.

[Bobby] Hey Peter! Wait up. I'd like to ask you something. [Reach his hand to stop Peter]

[Peter] Right. So what is it about? [Peter turns around and crossed his arms]

[Bobby] Erm...erm... [Looks around shamefully]

[Peter] Just say it... [Exclaimed]

[Bobby] It's like this, I suspect that there us something amiss between Keong and Elle. I believe that Elle did something behind my back. She's so cheap! [Said angrily and loudly]

[Peter] What? How can you say that? [Angrily and doubtfully]

[Elle walks in and interrupt Peter][Looks hurt and angrily at Bobby]

[Elle] Who are you calling Cheap? Me? So, I am someone so Cheap in your eyes? [Very angrily]

[Stares at Bobby after a short while, Elle runs off sadly, rubbing her eyes]