What limits my potential?

Essay by flatfoot1989High School, 11th grade April 2006

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There are many different things that limit my potential but the most important is probably one of the least recognized. Gravity is the main limiting agent to my potential. The thing about gravity is that it is everywhere, it has endless boundaries and its force upon objects is seldom even acknowledged. -9.8m/s^2 is the force of gravity on earth but few people know, unless of course they have studied it. Gravity can be compared to government in some ways. There has to be a compromise. If gravity were to strong then it would be like walking with giant weights on your feet, if gravity is to light then everything would float away like on the moon. In the government, if there is too much governmental power then the government forms an ineffective communist government and if it is too weak then the result is anarchy almost like the government under the Articles of Confederation. Gravity is the limiting agent of my potential.

When I grow up I want to be a professional basketball player, but since the gravity on earth is too strong I will not have the talent to be a professional basketball player. There is a cruel trick played on mankind by gravity, a trick called weight. Gravity will be more forceful on a bigger person then on a smaller person. Since I am bigger person gravity is not very kind to me. I am not very aerodynamic and that makes me more air resistant and therefore I will capture more gravity with every step.

If I were to play basketball at a more competitive level then I would want to be comfortable and since basketball games are not in the morning it is not possible for that to happen. You may be saying to yourself that...