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The Civil War was a battle of a society divided and the power of division was personified in Abraham Lincoln. Not only was his attitude powerful enough to make half of a nation oppose him but also his own supporters were often not on the same terms as him. His impact on the Civil War was more a political and social one and it was his personality and stance on slavery that made the South detest him and the Union praise his beliefs. The successions from the Union soon before the outbreak of war were attributed to Lincoln's inauguration as president of the Union and therefore the war was the next step from there. Lincoln was halfway towards being the cause of the Civil War and another factor in the build-up to conflict, depending on personal attachment and political dogma. When Lincoln was finally assassinated it impacted furthermore on America as his views for reconstruction were lost, as a new Republican Party had its own agenda.

"Can we as a nation, continue together permanently forever half slave, half Free?" Lincoln's most famous question was answered by America's most famous answer; The Civil War.

When war broke out, no one was surprised, especially because it was soon after Abraham Lincoln being inaugurated President and the subsequent mass succession of States from the Union. It was only a month after his inauguration that Fort Sumter was arded and the war began. Lincoln is apportioned blame for the start of the war yet his most influential tool were his speeches .These were some of his most powerful and interesting contributions to the outbreak of war.

Lincoln was apposed to slavery as he believed it was detrimental to the political stability of America as it divided the country too much. He wanted unity,