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The Loop, a romance written by Nicholas Evans, was written in the modern time period. In this time period the writer takes any aspect from American experience and writes about it. Schools or different movements do not effect the literatures the authors write about in this time. This story is taking place in the present time.

Born in Worcestershire, England, Nicholas Evans grew up in the English countryside. His first career as a journalist and screenwriter had fallen apart. Then Evans, specializing in western romances with spiritual undertones, was inspired by a story that a blacksmith told him about a man who communicated with horses-a horse whisperer. He returned to London to write after receiving eight million dollars for his first novel, The Horsewhisperer. Then he began his second novel The Loop. Nicholas Evans is now working on his third novel at his home in London.

A pack of wolves suddenly return to Hope, Montana, a small ranching town nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

One wolf wanders down to the Calder Ranch and attacks and kills the family dog. Dan Prior, Helen's former lover and a member of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wolf Recovery Team, calls Helen Ross, a twenty-nine year old unemployed wolf biologist. She is brought into the small town of Hope to protect the wolves from the cattle ranchers who want to destroy them. Bill Rimmer, a Predator Control Agent, also aids Helen. The first person Helen meets is Buck Calder, a powerful, womanizing man. After this encounter with Buck, Helen realizes she is against the whole town because Buck has everyone wrapped around his fingers.

Buck Calder's son Luke, an18 year old wolf enthusiast with a speech impediment, begins to blindly set off Helen's traps, making her think there are no...