Lord Of The Flies

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The main character of Lord of the Flies is Ralph. Ralph, a reasonable male child, is the protagonist. He is a flaxen child that is approximately 12 years old. Ralph is an innate leader and is elected by the others. He attempts to maintain indoctrinated morale and contrive means of exeunt from the island or methods to get rescued. Even subsequent to the majority of the juveniles forsaking him, he aimed to sustain righteousness.

Incipiently, Ralph is ecstatic to inhabit an equatorial island unfettered from adults. He presides as the leader when it instigated upon him. Ralph is innocuous and temperate by disposition and he officiates enacting by democracy. He tries to retain unity on the island and employs a conch shell to indulgently explicate his arbitration. Ralph formulates the construction of refuge and a beacon fire for their recovery. He also relies on his neoteric friend Piggy for intelligent, responsible rationale.

Ralph possesses bravery when he needs to but he strongly desires to go back to the way it was with adults in authority. He is in conflict with Jack almost invariably. The situation shows the use of a dramatic foil because Ralph and Jack exhibit opposite characteristics. Ralph's prudence only slips once when he joins a ritualistic dance at a feast where Simon is killed because he was mistaken for the beast. After Simon is killed Ralph becomes the target of the hunt. While running from the hunters Ralph comes upon a naval officer and everyone is rescued from the island.

Page 2 The antagonist of Lord of the Flies is Jack. Jack is an egocentric twelve-year-old child who is the adversary of Ralph. Jack is a combative boy who is tall, skinny, and has red hair. At the outset of the novel Jack is the head or...