Lord Of The Flies

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Child Labor Child labor is a big issue in our world today that I think we shouldn't ignore. There are a lot of countries that have child labor. 61 percent of child labor is found in Asia, 32 in Africa, and 7 is found in Latin America. Children are usually found working in agricultural, construction and domestic service. A lot of children do not go to school because they have to work. I also learned that the conditions in which they work are very harsh, which can cause eye damage, lung disease, stunted growth and a susceptibility to arthritis as they grow older. A lot of children do not get to get an education or have a normal childhood, some children are beaten and reduced to slavery, some children are even abducted and forced to work. There is also a system called Bonded Child Labor. That is when a family gets paid in advanced so they hand in their child to the employer so they can work for them.

The family usually gets paid around 15 us dollars. Most of the time the child cannot work of the debt to their employer so they cannot go back to their parents and see their family again until the debt is paid. Millions of children work as bonded child laborers in countries all around the world. A lot of people are trying to abolish child labor. Some of the groups are; representatives from the United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF), the International Labor Organization(ILO), the World Bank, and other organizations. They are trying to develop a strategy to prevent children from loosing their childhood and their rights.