"Lord Of The Flies".

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In the previous chapters of the book, a theme of fear on the island had emerged to become one of the biggest problems on the island. As one would foresee from chapter six's ending, chapter seven was built upon the fact that most of the boys were making immense efforts towards the motive of finding and destroying the root cause of this fear. However, during this search, the boys had repeatedly gotten their attention diverted to other matters. Many of these were significantly less relevant to their hunt, and even less relating to their leader's main intention of everybody surviving unharmed and safe.

While travelling towards the mountain where they thought the beast lay, the boys stopped to eat some fruits. During this time, Ralph pondered about what he and the boys had turned into, and what spiteful habits had become their usual routine. Prior to this, only Piggy and Simon had indulged in such deep and contrastive thoughts about their past and present.

When Ralph did the same, it showed that these three shared many common beliefs about what should or shouldn't happen on the island. Later, when Simon saw Ralph staring out to sea, he comforted Ralph by saying that Ralph would go back to where he came from. As surprising as it was to Ralph, I was also amazed by Simon's ability of interpreting what Ralph was thinking. Unexpectedly, Ralph called Simon crazy for being so sure. However, by looking at the fact that they both smiled at each after their short conversation, one can interpret that they both really did have faith in being rescued.

While hunting, the boys found warm pig droppings that Jack interpreted as the sign of a close-by pig which could be easily hunted. Jack then repeatedly smelled the...