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9 January 2014

Julius Caesar - Compare / Contrast Essay

Though the stories may seem drastically different, in reality, both characters have a strong sense of honor and struggle with both internal and external conflicts throughout the stories. Throughout both of their journeys, they encounter difficult obstacles and struggle on deciding how to treat them. Looking over both of these honorable men's lives, it is easily noticed how they choose their paths Between the eventful lives of Tayo from Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and Brutus from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare both honorable men portray a sense of struggle through their lives and settle upon different paths to deal with their struggles and complete their quests.

In the Native American based book Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko, the main character, Tayo, struggles with belonging in his family throughout his childhood in his community after his return from World War II.

Since he is of both white and Native American, the Native Americans in his reservation look down on him. After his cousin Rocky dies during the war, he goes on a journey to retrieve Rocky's lost cattle and perform his ceremony to prove to his family he belongs. Compared to Brutus, Tayo is wise for going through this adventure for his deceased cousin Rocky and his family. After Rocky passed away Tayo begins to learn about life's positives and negatives "The jungle breathed an eternal green that fevered men until they dripped sweat the way rubbery jungle leaves dripped the monsoon rain. It was there that Tayo began to understand what Josiah had said. Nothing was all good or all bad either; it all depended." During this moment, Tayo realizes when he was newly returned to the reservation...