The "Lord of the Flies" essay, all about Ralph and how his character changes throughout the novel

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In the story the "Lord of the Flies", Ralph is initially voted as leader of the boys but overtime his power is taken over by Jack. Ralph is initially chosen due to his many good leadership qualities. For instance Ralph is the first to take charge and organize a group meeting. Overtime, people start to follow Jack as chief instead of Ralph. Jack makes the boys think they can have more fun by being on his side. Jack has the ability to tell the boys what they want to hear in order to win them over. By the end of the novel Jack has complete control over everyone. For example, Jack controls the way the others think and has even taken control of their own lives. This conclusion proves that in a situation without civilization people become savage and uncivilized.

At the beginning of the novel, Ralph is initially chosen as leader due to his many good qualities which causes a continuous rivalry between him and Jack.

Ralph is the most charismatic of the group and this is why he was chosen as leader. Ralph took action by calling a meeting and planning strategies to survive on the island. Throughout the novel Ralph and Jack maintain a strong rivalry. This is so because Jack is angry with Ralph because he believes he should be chief. Ralph and Jack are two very different people. Ralph is always concerned with keeping order on the island and following rules, whereas Jack refuses to follow anyone's rules. Ralph was a good leader because he was trying to get them rescued while Jack wanted the boys to have fun and not listen to any of the rules.

By the end of the novel, Jack's savage personality and ability to tell people what they...